Daily quote from “Spirit Lifters”

Daily Quote from “Spirit Lifters” by McAn Ltd.

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“Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad” by Meghan O’Rourke

Quote: “Terrence Holt, a geriatric specialist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, describes the situation in Internal Medicine, fictional fables based on his residency:

Any patient in a hospital, when we take their clothes away and lay them in a bed, starts to lose identity; after a few days, they all start to merge into a single passive body, distinguishable … only by the illnesses that brought them there…”

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Brief with essence of Buddhism, a quote: “心之覺 【作者:心培】 2017-06-28”

Brief with essence of Buddhism, quote: “心之覺 【作者:心培】 2017-06-28″ 🍂心之覺 無數次的輪轉 穿梭於時空下 只為那菩提覺 證不生不滅果 🍂道之明 沒有實性可得 於生活中妙用 不離空性安然 常覺不住度生 🍂法之覺 諸法實相生無生 緣妙無我即涅槃 因緣果顯自有因 其性本空無所有 🍂悟之修 悟後一切皆心法 修而無修復本來 自性說法歸無得 一切眾生成正覺”.

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A film review on “Moonlight” helps me pondering

The title of the following quoted film review can be what I got from the Oscar 2017 best film winner “Moonlight”, quote: “‘Moonlight’ Is a Flawed, But Rewarding Exercise in Christian Empathy: The Oscar favorite’s portrayal of black, gay experience is at odds with a biblical sexual ethic—but for some, it might be worth the discomfort.” by David Roark/ February 24, 2017

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Buddhist’s reincarnation: Life will never end, an example (輪迴的譬喻)

Quote: “因為有輪迴,生命還有改變與重新開始的因緣,未來的心願終有實現的一天,過去犯下的錯誤也有了彌補的機會。輪迴的意義並非折磨壞人、補償好人,輪迴的目的在於認清自己,從中開發覺性,在每次的輪迴,不斷提升、淨化我們的生命,學習以慈悲待人,用智慧處世。”

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