18 things that mixed race girls don’t want to hear, so I learn this social etiquette

I read this article “18 Things Mixed Race Girls Are Very Tired Of People Saying To Them” by Anjali Patel from this web page http://www.bustle.com/articles/70567-18-things-mixed-race-girls-are-very-tired-of-people-saying-to-them; and I learn this social etiquette.  I quote her points in the following.  I soon will also be reading this article “27 Etiquette Rules For Our Times” by Rob Asghar on this web page http://www.forbes.com/sites/robasghar/2014/04/22/27-etiquette-rules-for-our-times/.

I quote from Aniali Patel to avoid saying these:

1. “What are you?”

2. “Where are you from? No, where are you really from?”

3. “Oh, so you’re half-white?”

4. “Why can’t you speak a ton of cool languages?”

5. “Your kids are going to look so cool.”

6. “I want my kids to be mixed-race.”

7. “You should have kids with [insert race here]—that would just be so crazy!”

8. “Were you super confused growing up?”

9. “Mixed-race people are the future!”

10. “I would have NEVER known you and your family are related!”

11. “Does your extended family accept you?”

12. “Mixed people have a much better immune system.”

13. “Too bad you don’t have cool-colored eyes, that would look SO cool with your skin.”

14. “I bet you could’ve gotten into any school because you’re mixed.”

15. “That must have been so hard for your parents.”

16. “Mixed race people are sooooooo beautiful!”

17. “I love seeing different mixes of people.”

18. “Can I touch your ha-…”


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