Instagram seems to be a quieter version of Facebook

I used Instagram for photos uploading only once in recent year; and I just started (my first time after registering a few years ago) uploading my dog’s photos to Flickr this week.  I used Flickr after seeing Instagram being look like a quieter version of Facebook.  I was thinking about finding out why Instagram page is looking so similar to Facebook page, though I had learned Facebook acquired Instagram a while ago.  I read a report and find the clue for my above mentioned question; the report title is “How Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp coexist under Facebook” by Caitlin McGarry on this web page

The clue I’ve got from Caitlin McGarry’s article for my question is from this quote:

“The reason the three apps [Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp] remain on their own instead of being incorporated as features in the main Facebook app is concern about bloat. Instagram launched a new app, Layout, instead of folding a photo collage tool into its main app to avoid overloading Instagram with extras. Facebook was often criticized for cramming too many features into the big blue app, and so it started spinning off new ideas (and a few old ones) into stand-alone apps. That quest for simplicity is what also drives Instagram, Krieger said.”

I am currently settled with blogging and connecting via WordPress, quick browsing and sharing videos on Facebook, and uploading photos to Flickr.


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