I use Solid State drive (SSD) on laptops to reduce power consumption

I use Solid State drives (SSD) on the laptops (Apple Mac and Windows PC) to reduce power consumption as the main consideration; some SSD vendors like Samsung claims that its SSD could extend the the battery power usage for up to 50 additional minutes.  The speedy data ready/write (particularly in downloading and application starting up) performance is the secondary and still important consideration.

I often choose my SSD from two major consumer brands, Samsung and Crucial Technowledge, for their reliability first and affordability second in priority.  I read this article “Top 5 Best Solid State Hard Drives for Upgrading Laptops” by Matt Malmlund on March 31, 2015 and copy the summary information in the following.  The entire article is on this web page http://heavy.com/tech/2015/03/top-best-ssd-drives-solid-state-hard-drive-laptop-samsung/.

I quote:

1. Samsung 850 EVO
3D V-NAND technology increases longevity and write speed
Impressive read/write speeds (both sequential and random)
RAPID mode for enhanced performance
5 year warranty trounced by the Samsung Pro’s 10 year warranty
Mounting bracket not included
No 1 TB size

2. Crucial MX200
Ultra-high endurance
RAIN technology protects from component failure
Dynamic Write Acceleration enhances read/write speeds
Only a 3 year warranty
More expensive than similar drives
No 128 GB Size

3. Transcend SSD370
Highly affordable
Wear-leveling and Error Correction Code boost longevity
Preserves battery with ultra-low power state
Only a 3 year warranty
Encryption must be manually set up
Slightly slower read/write speed than average

4. SanDisk Extreme PRO
High read/write speed
nCache Pro boosts performance and endurance
10 year warranty
Mounting bracket not included
Lacks hardware encryption
No 120 GB Size

5. OCZ Arc 100
Most affordable option
NAND flash management regulates wear
Migration software included
Low power efficiency
Only a 3 year warranty
No 1 TB size


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