Advantages of Karelia’s The Hit List (task management) over OmniFocus & Things

Screenshot of The Hit List

I am evaluating the task management applications for Mac for my personal use.  Mac OSX 10.10 operating system has nice Calendar and Reminders applications built in, but I am looking for a little bit sophisticated one.  I lean toward purchasing Karelia’s The Hit List for Mac because of my good experience with Karelia’s Sandvox website design application: easy to use, simple and adequate.

I think that putting the “to do” list in a simple visualized format will assist in getting the tasks done sooner.  I also believe that the software application should be easy to use, intuitive, beautiful and stable.  I find this forum discussion topic “What does The Hit List have over OmniFocus and Things?” informative; I thus quote a user’s comment that probably has addressed what I need to know in selecting The Hit List over other task management applications for Mac (or iPhone as well).  The discussion is on this web page

I quote (Last edited by GerryMac (December 19, 2014 6:00 am):

“What does the Hit List have over OF [OmniFocus] AND Things”
You would have to merge the two of them to compete with THL. Things is great. It does exactly what it says on the tin and does it with style. It just does not have the power, subtasks and nested hierarchy being the biggest issue. OF, well it’s just ended up being a bit of a mess, no built-in workflow, questionable user-interface, hard to use, tasks get lost in a sea of il–defined perspectives……
THL has got what it takes to run a busy professional life: Here are my highlights:
Hierarchical Structure (Missing in Things)
Actual time and timer (Missing Things and OF)
*Card View (Missing in things and OF)
*Multiple tags (Missing in OF)
*Multiple contexts (Missing in OF and Things)
Built-in workflow (Missing in OF)
*Smart Folders (Missing in Things and much better than OF perspectives)
Visually nice, interesting to work with.
(The starred items are what make THL special for me)
I’ve been using it for about a month now, managing a busy software development dept. It has replaced several tools I used before.
I think the best thing I can say is that it is very fluid, in that it adopts very quickly to my increased demand for extra granularity as
I being to trust it more..


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