OmniFocus for Mac: A task management application for Apple Mac

I am considering purchasing a personal (combining personal & work needs) task management application for my Apple MacBook Pro computer.  I am preparing to spend $39.99 for OmniFocus for Mac, standard version (vs. $79.99 for Pro version).  OmniFocus 2 for Mac manual is my learning documentation; it is accessible from this web page

I copy the introductory paragraphs from that manual in the following.

What is OmniFocus?
It all starts with a basic idea. You have something that needs to get done, and you know you’d better make a note about it somewhere, but that sticky note on your desk isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’re ready to try a more reliable system, one that can keep track of all the things going on in your head, and maybe even help them feel a bit more simple in the process.

OmniFocus is the personal task management tool that helps you keep track of all the goals, plans, errands, and aspirations that come up in your life. Whether the task at hand is something small, such as setting a reminder to swing by the bike shop after work, or the tasks are part of a bigger goal, such as making plans for that long overdue vacation, OmniFocus helps you keep track of everything you need to do throughout your day.

Available on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, OmniFocus is packed full of tools to help you prioritize steps within complex projects or simply jot a quick to-do list for a weekly meeting. OmniFocus works great as a standalone productivity aid or in conjunction with whatever time- and task-management scheme suits your personal style.


OmniFocus for Mac (the subject of this manual) is available both on the Mac App Store and directly from The Omni Group.
OmniFocus for iOS is available on the App Store, and works on all of your iOS devices as well as your Apple Watch (through the OmniFocus for Apple Watch extension).
OmniFocus for iPhone, also available on the App Store, is iPhone-only (with basic notifications support on Apple Watch). If you have OmniFocus for iOS, OmniFocus for iPhone provides no additional functionality.
OmniFocus for Mac requires OS X Yosemite, while OmniFocus for iOS and OmniFocus for iPhone require iOS 8.


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