A celebrating pink video to soften the heart: 黃思婷-雪花 video

One of my favorite Taiwanese videos with beautiful pink: 黃思婷-雪花(官方完整版MV)HD【民視八點檔『龍飛鳳舞』片尾曲】 .

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Vinyasa 101: 3 Lessons learned – by Eddie Modestini

Quote: 1. Chase your pain. 2. You have to play before you stay (It’s extremely beneficial for cultivating strength and flexibility and training the mind.) 3. Watch the skin: The way the skin stretches is different for everyone, but it should always be pulled in the direction of balancing all the joints so the pressure is in the middle. If the joint is to the left and the skin is being pulled to the left, that’s not balanced.

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Port Angeles, Washington, U.S.A.: a nice living place

Quote: Situated on the northern shore of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles is a gateway to Olympic National Park. Because of the dramatic relief—the peaks rise to over 5,000 feet within a few miles of the coast—the area hosts diverse ecosystems, including alpine environments studded with lakes, ultragreen old-growth forests threaded with whitewater rivers, and bays that harbor orcas and steelhead. “I call it the holy land,” says John Gussman, a local photographer. “We don’t have smog or traffic, and we have this beautiful million-acre wilderness in the backyard.”

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