When Windows device is not working properly: Uninstall the device in Device Manager then restart Windows

I recently encounter two Windows 10 laptop device issues; and luckily uninstalling those two devices from Windows Device Manager panel, then restart Windows 10 resolves the issues.  I suspect that either the wrong or problematic device driver is in Windows system while upgrading to Windows 10.

The first issue is that after upgrading a laptop from Windows 8.x to Windows 10 Home edition, the speakers continuously emit a high pitching sound.

The second issue is on another Windows 10 Pro laptop, where all web browsers (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari) couldn’t open most web pages; the display message is like “Web server timeout” or “Can’t find the web page.”  The issue could be the corrupted internal wireless networking card device driver.  Uninstalling the wireless card device driver then restarting Windows resolves this issue: Web site accesses return to normal.

To uninstall a Windows 10 device driver, the user could search for Device Manager (in Control Panel), locate the device with issue, right click on that device, select Uninstall.  Then restart Windows 10, Windows will automatically recognize the previously uninstalled device and install the current driver for the device.

Additional consideration: If the improvement after the above suggested fix (uninstalling the device driver and then restarting Windows) is not satisfied, the next troubleshooting step could be to find out whether the device (like the wireless networking card) is malfunctioning or not compatible with the current Window (like Windows 10) operating system.


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