About NoScript extension for Firefox web browser

Learning something new today from “NoScript guide for Firefox 57+ by Martin Brinkmann on August 13, 2018 on https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/13/noscript-guide-for-firefox-57/

. Terminology:

Script — Any type of script the site attempts to execute. Object — The HTML object tag. Media — Media elements. Frame — Frames that the site attempts to load.Font — Font elements. WebGL — WebGL elements.Fetch — requests that use fetch APIs.

. Using NoScript
Understanding how NoScript trust levels work is essential to using the extension to its fullest potential.
NoScript indicates blocked items in its icon when you load sites in the Firefox browser. A click on the icon displays the connections the extension recognized and trust levels for each site. Note that these may not be all connections a site makes. Since you don’t allow the execution of scripts by default, sites may not be able to initiate all third-party connections right away.
If you allow scripts to run on the main domain, you may notice that it attempts to make additional connections when those get loaded.
Tip: Hover over any domain listed by NoScript and click on it to open a page that is full of links to privacy and security services only to display information about the domain.
It may not be necessary to make any changes to trust levels if the site functions properly. You may notice however that some features may not work properly on first connect.
Since scripts and other elements are blocked by default, you may notice all sorts of issues related to that. Sites use scripts and other elements for a variety of things, from verifying form submissions and playing videos to often unwanted things such as advertisement or tracking.
Changing a domain’s trust level to “trusted” or “temporarily trusted” allows it to load additional elements whereas a trust level of “untrusted” prevents even more elements.
Note that trusted and untrusted are permanent changes that remain available.
Troubleshooting a site comes into play when you notice that site functionality is not available and suspect it is because of the protections that NoScript provides.
You have a couple of options to deal with the issue. You could temporarily allow a domain or use the custom trust level to set permissions individually for elements.
. Terminology:Script — Any type of script the site attempts to execute.Object — The HTML object tag.Media — Media elements.Frame — Frames that the site attempts to load.Font — Font elements.WebGL — WebGL elements.Fetch — requests that use fetch APIs.