Positive Forecasts for Life (人生卜事/星雲大師法語)

28.要做好人,諸惡莫作,眾善奉行。Be a good person, do no evil, and do good deeds. 35.天堂地獄都在一念之間,上天不入地也。
Heaven and hell are all creations of the mind; one would rather go up than go down.

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How To Start A Mentorship Relationship, by Chrissy Scivicque

I believe in the idea of that “No man is an island.”; and I also believe in that helps will only come to those who help themselves. Now I am pondering the mentorship idea. Topics: What Exactly Is a Mentor?; Why Should I Bother?; When Should I Get a Mentor?; Who Should Be My Mentor?; How Does the Mentorship Relationship Work?; What’s In It For Them?

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