Some of New Android Pie Features: Smarter battery use, Do Not Disturb improvements, Better notification management, Screenshot improvements

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by Philip Michaels Aug 6, 2018″ on…/p…/1502-android-p-features.html…

. Smarter battery use

Not all apps on your phone deserve equal time, and Android Pie wants to make sure they don’t get an equal claim to your smartphone’s battery, either. The Adaptive Battery feature in the new OS decides which apps can draw power based on the ones you use the most; rarely used apps get limited battery access. Google claims the feature can reduce CPU app wake-ups by 30 percent, which should help your phone last longer between charges.

. Do Not Disturb improvements

Want to really put an end to your phone beeping and buzzing at you when you need to focus? A Shush feature in Android Pie will automatically enable Do Not Disturb features when you place your phone face down on the table. That means no pings, vibrations or notifications. Contacts you’ve starred will still be able to get through to you in case there’s an emergency.

. Better notification management

If there’s one app that keeps pinging you with notifications you unceremoniously dismiss, Android Pie is smart enough to notice. After a while, you’ll be asked if you’d just rather turn off notifications from that particular app altogether. Long-pressing on the notification takes you directly to the app’s notification settings, in case you want to take notification management into your own hands.

. Screenshot improvements

Press and hold the power button in Android Pie, and you’ll be able to take a screenshot by tapping the shortcut that appears on screen. Android Pie also adopts an iOS 11 feature by giving you quick-edit access to screenshots. Tap an edit button on the screenshot preview, and markup tools will appear that let you annotate the image to your heart’s delight.

Quote from “How to delete a file that macOS says is in use There’s an override for files you can’t delete, but take care. “

Quote from “How to delete a file that macOS says is in use There’s an override for files you can’t delete, but take care. ” on

macOS prompts you when you try to delete items using Option plus Finder > Empty Trash.

But if macOS thinks a file is in use by an application or the system, even that bypass doesn’t help. When you empty the trash, your Mac will show a warning dialog that reads, “The operation can’t be completed because the item ‘name’ is in use.” Three buttons appear: Skip, Stop, and Continue.

Apple advises in a support note a series of actions you should take, that can be summarized as a cascading order. Try an item and then try to use Empty Trash:

  • Quit the app
  • Restart the Mac normally.
  • Restart the Mac in Safe Mode, delete startup items that might be the problem, then restart normally.
  • Start up with macOS Recovery and use Disk Utility to repair the drive.

You can also use the Terminal command lsof, which tracks all files in use by even the lowest of low-level parts of the system. In Terminal, type lsof | grep -i followed by a space and part of the file name, and see if it shows what app or system component still has its hooks in. (You can read more about lsof in this previous Mac 911 column.)

However, sometimes a file just doesn’t want to go, and you’ve done everything else. There’s a last-resort method you can use: Delete Immediately.

2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features in Google Pixel 3 XL phone

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Quote on 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features in Google Pixel 3 XL phone:

. Google is leveraging AI in ways that Apple and Samsung are not. A new Top Shot feature on the 12-MP rear camera automatically snaps a bunch of photos in succession and attempts to choose the right one. This worked well when I snapped a photo of my colleague, Adam. I just swiped up and could easily see which pics Google had picked out.
Super Res Zoom is also very impressive. I shot a photo of text on a wall from across the room, and I could easily make out the words, even though the Pixel 3 XL doesn’t technically have an optical zoom. The camera is smart enough to reframe the photo and fill in the details.

. Call Screen
As spammers get better and more sophisticated, it can be all too easy to fall for a telemarketer when answering your phone. Google is fighting back with a new call screening feature.
Google Assistant will step in and transcribe the call in real time, so you can decide whether it’s worth answering. I tested this feature by calling the Pixel 3 from my iPhone XS. With a tap of the button at the top of the display, I selected Screen Call and Google Assistant got to work, introducing herself and then taking down every word as I spoke.
This is one of the best implementations of AI that we’ve seen, and I could see other companies trying to copy this feature. Google says that Google Pixels will get transcription support for call screenings before the end of the year.

It is said that toothpaste is not needed.

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. One of the best ways to control plaque is brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. But you don’t need toothpaste to do this, just a soft toothbrush and good brushing techniques will remove plaque. Flossing, limiting sugary food and drinks, and regular checkups and professional cleanings should keep your teeth in top shape.

Info: “Why Your Dog Licks You: Should You Let Him?”

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Quote:. Canine Versus Human Oral Bacteria
From 400 to 500 strains of bacteria have been identified in the human mouth, and so far, scientists have discovered around 400 strains in dogs. The microbiomes of people and their pets are markedly different, which is why we can be at risk for infection when our dog licks us. Believe it or not, one swipe of your pet’s tongue can leave behind virtually millions of bacteria your body doesn’t recognize, and those bugs have staying power.
“… If you’re licked by a dog,” says bacterial geneticist Floyd Dewhirst, Ph.D. in an interview with National Geographic, “and someone were to take a Q-tip five hours later and rub that spot, they would recover over 50 different species of dog-mouth bacteria.”
It’s also worth noting that contrary to another popular myth that has floated around for years, pet saliva has zero antibacterial effect in humans. There may be some protective properties in dog and cat saliva, but only for members of their own species.
. Story at-a-glance –
Whether or not you appreciate it when your dog licks your face, have you ever wondered why dogs lick? There can be several reasons your dog licks you, the most likely is that she’s telling you she loves you For healthy people with healthy pets, there’s generally little to no health risk in accepting doggy kisses Infections from dog licks are rare, but it’s wise to remember that dogs’ saliva can harbor pathogens that are foreign and potentially dangerous to humans A common sense approach to preventing illness from a dog lick includes practicing good hygiene and covering any open cuts, sores and skin abrasions until they’re healed

[BGM背景音樂] 心經–Buddhist song The Heart Sutra

[BGM背景音樂] 心經–Buddhist song The Heart Sutra
Quote:《般若波羅蜜多心經》是闡述大乘佛教中空和般若思想的經典,又稱《佛說摩訶般若波羅蜜多心經》、《摩訶般若波羅密多心經》,簡稱《般若心經》、《心經》 共260個字 《心經》是所有佛經中翻譯次數最多,譯成文種最豐富,並最常被念誦的經典。 唐‧三藏法師 玄奘 譯 願以此功德,普及于一切。演唱者:黃慧音