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Tennis Return-of-Serve Strategies for Different Opponents: The entire article is also quoted in my web page http://www.rencircles.org/activities-2/activities/techniques/return-of-serve-strategies.html.

A good return of serve in tennis could help a tennis player neuturalize the advantage that a serving player has because the server has full control on the type of serve he will deliver and the spot that the ball will land.

I find the following quoted article “Know Your Enemy: Return-of-Serve Strategies for Different Opponents” by Scott Baker could be quite helpful for me. I quote the article’s concluding paragraph first, then the entire article. The article is on this web page http://www.active.com/tennis/articles/know-your-enemy-return-of-serve-strategies-for-different-opponents?cmp=303&lyrisid=44941168&memberid=85850980.

Short quote:

The way you return against certain players will set up the point and start to set the pace for the match. You don’t have to hit big returns to be effective. Keeping returns deep against some players and hitting the return at some player’s feet are two ways to neutralize attacks and stay in the point. Keep it simple: The return of serve is not a time to get flashy and try to hit a lot of winners.

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